Spring 2021

Clouds with Landscape

and “Seascape with Clouds.” Elisa Arce. 2020. See more in the Gallery.

to drink coffee with a phantom

poetry by Kathryn Krafft

1st place creative writing award

Beyond the Dark of Humanity: The Vegetarian by Han Kang

1st place literary essay by Jordan Doering

Molecular Genetic Modifications in the Human Genome: Racial Discrimination as a Biological Stressor

1st place science research essay by Nicolette Dobson

Essays and Poems

A Grief Observed: Remembering Dallas Colburn and Nathanael Madison, by Bryan Tripp

Hometown, by K.C. Earls

Hi Sweetie, an essay on Alzheimer’s by Allyson Smith

God of My Salvation, by Anaiah Poston-Wilson

Studies of Intention. A senior exhibit in Draewell Gallery, Judson University. May 2021. By Katie Valeria. Enter the full gallery exhibit by clicking the link here.

Untitled Painting

Acrylic on board. 6″w x 9″h.

Bethany Newman. 2020.

Red Crush

Watercolor on Strathmore watercolor paper. 11″h x 15″ w.

Elisa Arce. 2020.

See more artwork in the full Gallery.

Untitled Design

Dezaray Miller. 2020.

This issue of Gleaning is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Stuart “Doc” Ryder, who served Judson University for over fifty years as a professor, administrator, advisor, coach, and mentor. He was the architect of the Communication Arts program as well as the English literature and writing curriculum. He was much beloved by generations of students and colleagues and will be missed by all who knew him.

June 19, 1931-May 4, 2021.