Pawprints in the Snow

by Thomas Kurzynski

The snow grows thicker

A blanket covering the earth.

Isolating living beings that refuse to go out.

I choose to sit & watch.

Maybe I can enjoy a Sunday snowstorm.

I can enjoy the uniformity of the even 

Snow.  A camping act for my busy brain.

When I realize the damage done

To God’s fresh layer.

Craters sprung from one tree

To the next 

Then into the forest.

The only explanation is a fleeing squirrel.

An animal so confident in his niche.

& yet he destroyed this gorgeous scene.

It is thought that humanity is bad

Because we destroy nature’s serenity.

But is it only us?

Perhaps we are still worse than wild squirrels.

We destroy out of greed with malice.

They ruin in order to survive.

God created us all imperfect & with the

Ability to wreck.

This is why we need Him, man & animal alike.