Shadow Side

by Skylar Kriegel

I met my shadow
Swift as nightfall in the light of day
Conscious dreams, she came
Revelation in hand
To narrate the truth of my soul
The tragedy I have led
Raveled hair and thieving claws
Enter my unholy space
A goddess defiled, none remain
In hollow halls with phantom hymns
Forbidden to sing
Grasping shattered Scriptures of glass
She bled my heart among the ash
To awaken the sorrow
The veracity of fate
From lies spoken to me through passing grace
But whilst I lie in tear scorched cheeks
Excommunicated from my peace
She salvaged the corpse
From barren floor
Caressing skull, washing feet
Kissed my neck and whispered
Vows to the deceased
“No one will love you the way I do”